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We are the Manufacturer and Exporter for Electronic Products since 1989 in Hong Kong. Our main products are Micro Cassette Recorder, Memo Cassette Recorder, MP3 Player & CD Player, etc.

Our Business Integrated Strategy (BIS) is to provide the best & qualified products to you. We would like to work with you for developing  OEM / ODM projects / products and we can work in flexible ways to meet your requirement.


Factory Profile :

Total area : about 10,000 square meters(108,900 square feet)
Located in : Dongcheng District, Dongguan, Guangdong, China

Staff details : Production Staffs up to 500 or more.

Production Capability : More than 6 production lines for full process production with strong support by experienced & responsible Production Engineers(PE), QC , QA and with Quality Management to maintain the superb quality for products.